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About HIPS

HIPS Ltd is specialized in Telecommunications and our focus is on mobility and radio. Our team consists of economists, radio engineers and system designers with many years experience in the telecommunications and operators. We have a broad and deep knowledge of not only technology but also applications in telecommunications.

Our slogan is "Stay-mobile". We believe that all businesses regardless of size shall have functioning mobile phone at his office. Mobility is a cornerstone of future business and public sectors. Mobility is the future and we are working with high quality products for long-term relationships. We focus on keeping the lowest prices on mobile amp. All companies and households of any size to be able to afford these solutions.

We have our own series of antennas and amplifiers sold under our brand HIPS. We can also customize any type of amplifier for mobile telephony. The techniques we believe we possess expertise is primarily in GSM, UMTS / WCDMA, LTE (4G), and TETRA.

Our profession is withn telecommunications and mobile telephony. Some of us worked on this since the mid 80's. We consider ourselves to be very competent in this field. We also run other companies in the Telecommunications and where we focus on consulting and testing / verification of mobile networks. 

Our vision is to become one of Scandinavias's leading suppliers of mobile amplifiers for small and medium-sized installations. Our customers should feel the greatest confidence in the products we deliver. We currently have distributors in several of the European countries.