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HIPS offers repeaters for GSM, UMTS/3G and for LTE/4G.

We have two different types of repeaters:
- Operator Independent / Full Band repeaters. These little cheaper solutions enhances all operators simultaneously at 900, 1800 or 2100 mhz.
- Channel / Band Selective Repeaters configured to enhance an operator at a time. These repeaters amplifies 900, 1800 or 2100 mhz.

The big difference is the filter technology. Channel / Band Selective Repeaters has a very sophisticated filter technology based on signal processors and therefore programmable. Operator Independent repeaters are made with standard chip, for example from Qualcomm.

Internationally mostly used Band / Channel Selective Repeaters in the inner cities, where there are many transmitters in a small space. Otherwise, it is common to instead use Full Band repeaters.